Ms.  Cammy's Preschool 

Licensed In-Home Preschool & Childcare
Mansfield TX 


PRESCHOOL ONLY:  9:00am-3:00pm


Please call if your child will be dropped off later than 9:30am, children will NOT be permitted after 9:30 without notification.  

*Licensed Preschool In-Home Located in Mansfield Texas*

(Villages of Spring Lake)


Our Mission: To provide a safe, nurturing, secure, educational, and enriching environment that fosters a love of learning and positive self esteem.  We believe that through support, individual attention, and recognition we are building the foundation necessary for a lifetime of learning.


Enrollment/Withdrawal Process: Program information is provided to parents upon request.  Admission process is based on:  Space availability, and completion of all required enrollment forms and fees.  Copies of personal documentation must be received within 5 business days of the enrollment process.  Ms. Cammy's Policy is listed within this document and are detailed and given to parents upon signing the enrollment agreement.  In the event that a child is absent for three (3) consecutive days without proper notification to he/she will be considered withdrawn.   If withdrawal becomes necessary the parent should provide written notification to Ms Cammy at least 2 weeks in advance.  Tuition for the 2 weeks notice is due, even if your child does not continue to attend during that time.  When removing a child all tuition must be current including payment of 2 week notice.All tuition and any other fees incurred throughout this period will be due payable. Failure to pay fees will result in parent being responsible for all legal fees, court fees, reimbursement for any time off work and any other cost pertaining to the collection of the tuition. No portion of tuition, registration, or fees will be refunded.  To re-enroll all normal procedures and fees will apply.  Occasionally, a child is unable to adjust to the environment/program and dismissal becomes necessary.  In this situation Ms Cammy will make every reasonable effort to accommodate the child and family.  Ms Cammy reserves the right to dismiss students from enrollment at her sole discretion.

Parents will be notified of handbook and policy changes via email & written with a link to our website and located under "handbook"  Handbook and Policies are always located on our webpage.  

Written Handbook/Policies are available by request only.

Tuition & Fees:   Registration Fees are paid when enrolling & every year in August for the new school year.  When first enrolling space will be held for your child for up to 5 business days after registration has been received. Specials & Discounts may or may not be offered throughout the year. Registration which has not been paid by the new school year enrollment date will result in dismissal from the program until registration fees are paid, and all re-enrollment procedures are complete.   Rates are payable whether or not your child is present.  Tuition is paid in advance.  Tuition can be paid by cash.  Payment is due every Friday.  If payment has not been made by this time a immediate $50 charge will be added to your account and $10 per day (Including weekends).  Care will not be provided Monday morning without payment of tuition and fees. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS POLICY.  If a holiday falls on or during a tuition payday then payment will be under same terms on the day before holiday. Tuition rates are based on enrollment and not attendance. HOLIDAYS SCHOOL IS CLOSED/WEATHER DAYS: Full tuition is due for weeks that include holidays/bad weather days unless we have notified otherwise. At Ms. Cammy's Preschool you must pay per "position" which means that the slot is held just for your child and is not based on attendance.  There will be NO refunds or adjustments made to your tuition for your time missed due to illness, holidays, or days off.  A place has been reserved for your child and cannot be filled on a short term basis.  ​

Provider Vacations/Sick Days/ Personal Days:  Parents are asked to have a backup provider available in case of unexpected closings, provider illness, Vacations, or Personal Days.  Ms. Cammy will operate on a school calendar and will close according to our ISD school schedule , 2 weeks per year for vacations, and will have 5 paid personal/sick days per calendar year.  Ms. Cammy's Preschool calendar will be provided each fall for closings and holidays.  Holiday closings and personal/sick days will be paid as normal for the week.  Parents will not be charged for the 2 week closings for Ms. Cammy's vacation time.  In the case of a family member death Ms Cammy will close for up to 1 week possibly more for grieving and funeral attendance.   (Please have backup care)

Late pick up/Early drop off Fees: After 5:00pm you will be charged $1 each minute late.  If you are late by 15 minutes or more a $25 fee plus $1 for every minute will be billed to your account.  Late fees will NOT be waived for any reason. 

Security: The doors will be locked throughout the entire day to ensure the safety of the children & my family while children are in care.  Please use doorbell and someone will be happy to assist you.

Nutritional Needs:  Ms. Cammy will provide nutritional value and needs of children in care for AM & PM Snacks and a Full Nutritious Lunch* If your child has any special dietary needs you must provide all foods to ensure that the nutritional needs for their daily meals while in care are met.

*Breakfast:  Parents are welcome to bring breakfast in for their child before 8:00am.  We will not be able to serve your child their breakfast after 8:00am.  


Open Door Policy:  Ms Cammy's Preschool has a open door policy.  Parents can call or visit anytime during our operating hours.  If you wish to discuss your child's behavior or progress please arrange and set up a appointment with Ms. Cammy .  

Procedure for release of students:  For the safety of your child as well as all children who attend Ms.Cammy's, Please be prepared to show picture ID when picking up a student.  Children are signed in/out and allowed to leave ONLY with their parent or person designated in writing by the parent.  The parent or designated person will sign out the child along with the time the child is leaving.  At the time of enrollment the parent completes and emergency info form.  This form contains the names and telephone numbers for all persons given the responsibility of picking up your child.  It is parents responsibility to keep the information current and accurate.  Forms are available for change to any information needing with Ms. Cammy.  A person requesting to pick up a child should be listed on the Emergency contact and information form.  However, emergencies may arise that require your child to be picked up by a person other than those listed on the emergency form.  Before dismissal time, the parent must notify Ms Cammy and supply pertinent information about the person arriving to pick up the child.  Any unknown person picking up the child will be asked to show proper id before the child will be released.  The child will not be released without sufficient ID.  Before release of the child a copy of ID will be made and kept on file.  If divorced or separated Custody we must have a copy of Custody papers on file to deny dismissal to parent. This is State Law

Change of Information: It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to update information on file as soon as a change takes place.  You may be asked to update your child's record annually even if there are no reported changes.  If your child does not reside with both parents, you will be required to show evidence of custody if needed.  A court decree will be required to prevent either parent from having access to a child.  Under state law we CAN NOT and WILL NOT prevent a legal parent from picking up a child, UNLESS a court order is in place and on file.

Immunization requirements: Ms Cammy requires that every student must be immunized and immunizations must remain current, For children who are not vaccinated a notarized affidavit must be on file.  As regulated by Texas State Law we require validated records of completed immunizations for all students.  As soon as your child receives immunization boosters, please send a copy of immunization records to Ms. Cammy.

Potty Training: Children are required to be fully potty trained to attend MCP.  

Breastfeeding Ms Cammy provides a comfortable chair within our classroom for our breastfeeding mother's and babies.  Breastfeeding mothers have the right to breastfeed or provide breast milk for their child in our care. 

Rest Period:​  All children are provided a quiet time and a place for rest.  Soft music and a soft lit room provide relaxing atmosphere for the children.  Children are encouraged to rest during this time.  If your child falls asleep he/she will be awakened at the end of the rest period, and no earlier unless parent has arrived to pick up child.

Curriculum  Ms. Cammy's Preschool uses Themed Units.  Children are offered the opportunity to enjoy preschool activities, including creative art, alphabet and language, music and movement, hands on math and science, social activities, and games.

These developmentally appropriate activities encompass all areas of your child's development.  Our belief is that all children learn best through hands on activities and interacting with their environment and we strive to present activities with that in mind.

Screen Time Ms. Cammy follows all minimum standard policies when it comes to screen time allowance.  No more than 2 hours will be permitted for screen time.

Smoking policy:  Ms. Cammy's is a smoke free AND drug free property.  During business hours smoking is NOT permitted on or around the premises.  

Illness & Well Child Policy:  Should you have any questions about the health of your child please call and talk with Ms. Cammy before bringing them in for the day.  Symptoms listed will guide you if you need to keep your child home.  If these symptoms appear while your child is in care Ms. Cammy will contact you immediately to pick up your child.  We cannot threaten the other children with an illness, due to a parent's negligence.  If you cannot get off from work please have a backup person listed on your emergency contacts to pick up your child in a reasonable amount of time.  Weather permitting we will go outside everyday.  If your child is not well enough to participate in all school activities please keep them home.  

Symptoms:  1.Vomiting 2. Two or more loose stools 3. A temperature of 100 degrees or higher 4. Discharge from the eyes, itchy eyes, red eyes, or crusted eyelids 5. Listless/lethargic behavior 6. Lack of apetite or refusal to eat or drink 7. Extreme irritability 8. Clearly unusual behavior, which persists over a period of time 9.Swollen glands at the back of the neck 10. A blotchy rash on stomach and back or fine rash all over the torso 11. Swelling jawline or in front of the ear 12. Very sore throat as indicated by refusing food and drink and possibly an upset stomach. 13.  Body Lice, head lice, or the presence of nits 14. Small crusty blisters, fine blisters on the face, scalp, or body indicating the possibility of chicken pox. 


Medication Guidelines We will NOT administer medication of any kind unless it is a EMERGENCY situation.  Please speak with Ms. Cammy if you have questions regarding medication.  Medication is NOT permitted in children's bag or backpacks.  Parents who bring medication for ANY reason are required to check/sign in medication and sign out medication when taking home. 

Emergency Situations: You can be assured that Ms. Cammy makes every effort to provide a safe environment for your child.  We are properly equipped with fire and smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, and Ms Cammy is fully trained.  We have an extensive Food emergency plan, as well as Intruder, Weather, and evacuation plans.  These plans are on file and always available for review when asked.    

Child Abuse Reporting; How to Contact Child Care Licensing; Minimum Standard Review Ms. Cammy will follow all state rules and guidelines regarding child abuse reporting.  If a child shows signs of abuse, or abuse is suspected we are required by law to notify the appropriate authorities.  Ms Cammy completes a yearly training on the prevention and response to child abuse and neglect of children.

How to contact Child Care Licensing:  For any questions, information, or concerns, and to report suspected child abuse or neglect.  You may contact child care licensing at any of the ways below:


* 817-321-8604

* 1501 Circle Dr. Suite 310 Fort Worth TX 76119

* PRS Child Abuse hotline 1-800-252-5400

To Review the minimum standards and the child care homes most recent report from licensing 

Please visit website or speak with a Mrs. Cammy.

Water Play Throughout the year, we participate in several splash days & sprinkler play.  We DO NOT go to any type of swimming pools. 

Animals We have a Friendly 7 year old standard poodle.  He is shed free, up to date on all shots, is regularly seen by his vet and very sweet.

Inclement Weather​ In the case of Bad weather we will follow Mansfield ISD Delays and Closings.  Check your local news and weather channel listings.  (If in the case we feel the weather is getting too bad throughout the day and we need to close, we will contact parents as soon as possible to come and pickup children as necessary)

When Mansfield ISD closes school due to weather, Ms. Cammy's Preschool will also be closed.  We will inform Parents/Guardians if the childcare will be open for the day, open half the day or closed all day.  Due to power outages or severe weather, where we are unable to keep a comfortable & controlled environment we will be closed.  Parents will be alerted via our brightwheel system or email to inform them of any closings.  

In the event of rainy or extremely hot or cold weather our children will enjoy a variety of indoor large motor activities.  (Parachute, rolling balls, children's yoga, etc) 

Tuberculin Testing Testing for children is not currently mandated by the state of Texas.  However, tuberculin screening is required for staff in a child care.  Ms. Cammy will follow all county guidelines in regards to TB screening.  For more information on TB screening please call your local health department.

Vision and Hearing Screening Screening must be completed for every student ages 4 years and older when attending school/preschool as required by the state of Texas. 

Dress Code All children should be dressed in a comfortable clothing & closed toed shoes.  Each day students will participate in a wide variety of activities, including outdoor play.  During outdoor time clothes and shoes may become dirty or muddy.  Please take into consideration when dressing your child for the day.  Ms. Cammy will make every effort to protect students clothing, but be aware that spills and accidents may occur.  Each item should be labeled with your child's name clearly marked.  Ms. Cammy will not be responsible for ruined, lost, or stolen items.  

Weapons Policy/Gang Free/Drug Free Zone At no times shall parents bring any firearm, darts, cap gun, knife, pepper spray, or any other tool used to inflict injury be allowed on the the premises.  Texas Penal Code States any area within 1000 ft  of a childcare center is a gang free zone.  Criminal offenses related to organized criminal activity is subject to a harsher penalty.  

Personal Items We ask that you do not send any toys from home.  Occasionally we may sponsor a show and tell day.  Your child will be permitted to bring an item related to the topic to the class to share and discuss.  This item must be labeled with your child's name and taken home at the end of the day.

Discipline and Guidance Policy The message that we want to exhibit through modeling and actions, is that our preschool provides a secure and safe environment.  Within this environment learning, related to all facets of life occur.  The relationship involved in the development of positive self-esteem and positive self confidence has a direct relationship to school, on the playground, at home, or wherever children may be in the real world.  That is why we must establish an environment that is consistent in nurturing and honoring the special worth and value of each child attending.  

When a child chooses to disrupt their own learning, interfere with another student's learning, perform an action that may harm them self or others, or is openly disrespectful the teacher will choose from one of the following options.

a. Talk with the child on their level.  b. Place the child in a time-out/ thinking area/peace place.  c. Limit the classroom or playground privileges  d. Call a conference with the parent. e. Sent home for the day ( Ms. Cammy will notify parents due to extreme or continual disciplinary issue, where a child has become a disruption to the success of their day.  In some cases a child will be sent home for the day to regroup and rejoin their class the next day for a fresh start.)

The option chosen by the Ms. Cammy will depend on the severity/nature of the child's behavior.  We will always work with the parent in solving behavior problems involving their child.  However, if there is continued lack of self control and or other related problems that interfere with learning or the safety to oneself or others, the child may be permanently dismissed from Ms. Cammy's Preschool. 

Field Trips  We take Field Trips at Ms. Cammy's Preschool.  You must sign a contract at the beginning of the year to ensure this is ok with your family.  Proper notice will be sent home prior to a field trip day. Children will be properly seat belted in a fitting car seat.  You will be asked which type of car seat you would prefer your child ride in prior to us taking your child on a field trip.  We will NEVER  take a child away from the home preschool without notification and permission from the parent.


Special Events Please notify Ms. Cammy if it is your child's special day and you would like to bring treats.    You may bring age appropriate party favors and pass out invitations.  These items will be distributed by the teacher at the end of the day.  Please bring one for each child.  For privacy, we cannot release addresses or phone numbers of any child and/or family member without their prior permission.

Pictures  Photos of your child/children will be taken periodically throughout the school year.  These photos may or may not be used for the Facebook, year book, keepsake, dvd slideshow, and the website, or other forms of release.  By enrolling your child at Ms Cammy's Preschool please note that children will be photographed and shared.

Ms. Cammy's Preschool welcomes all and does not discriminate based on gender, race, sexual orientation, or religion.

"Reaching for a bright future!