Ms.  Cammy's Preschool 

Licensed In-Home Preschool & Childcare
Mansfield TX 

Our Classroom 

Our Preschool Classroom is the most important place of our day.

This is where a the children get their hands on learning throughout the day.  Our classroom is filled with fun & exciting educational materials.  From blocks to babies, gears, and science activities.  

Each day we will explore in our class learning about Math, Science, Writing, language,  literacy, and more.  

We will also continue our learning by going outdoors where more of our learning environment awaits!  Slides, playhouses, a sandbox, balls and many more fun outdoor equipment are outside for our children to use.  We will also take fun and educational field trips as we dig into our curriculum.  

Our class size is small, and we have 2 teachers.  This so that children can have one on one time to absorb more of their learning.  This is such a crucial time as they begin their educational foundation.